Finding the Right Balance: Of Social Media, Productivity and Nature (Part 2)

It would be unrealistic to say that social media hasn’t become a part of our lives, one way or another.

We see news programs on television report a viral video or hashtag from Twitter, hear disc jockeys say our names and song requests through our comments on their Facebook page, or read on the daily newspaper about how a long-lost loved one has been found through shared tweets.

But as with other things, what can bring us good can also bring us bad if taken in unprescribed and unhealthy doses. And thus, comes the need for moderation with a little help from nature.

Reconnect with nature

Observing your habits and timing your internet and app usage (with or without the help of productivity apps) can help you monitor your time.

But another proven way to not only disconnect from the digital world but to reinvigorate your general sense of well-being? Reconnecting with nature.

Whether it’s finding yourself surrounded by trees and hearing the chirps of birds and crickets or lying on the sand hearing the push and pull of the waves, reconnecting with nature can give you a reboot and take you away from the stresses and worries that a technologically-complemented and fast-paced world brings.

In fact, research shows that contact or connectedness with nature can improve your mood, thinking, and general health.

Reminding the importance of now

Being immersed in something far bigger than yourself can help put things in perspective.

As this Inc-Asean video shows, spending time with nature reminds us of the importance of being in the now or present-centeredness.

Psychologically speaking, “it precipitates a shift from the sympathetic division of the central nervous system (that engages in response to stress) to the parasympathetic division.”

In a study conducted in Japan, “forest-bathing” or spending ample time in a forest shows decreased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, among the participants.

The results? The pressures that are weighted on your shoulders become far less pressing, you feel relaxed and your mind and body are recharged and ready to face again your work with new vigor and sense of creativity.

So be sure to schedule time to take a stroll around the park, a hike on a mountainside, or a walk on the beach — regularly, if you can.

But should reconnecting with nature take some time, here are some tips to disconnect from social media and regain composure while at work.

A healthy pause

It’s so natural we tend to forget it. But taking the time to breathe deeply can:

– Release stress, toxins, and tension
– Act as a natural painkiller as it releases endorphins or the feel-good hormone
– Give you energy through increased oxygen levels
– Lower blood pressure

Another way to get that needed productivity boost at work is to take the time to meditate or reflect. A lot of companies now provide meditation rooms for its employees.

The meditation room is where employees can share a quiet space to internalize matters and take their minds off work for a time.

That cup of coffee or tea you’re holding can only sustain your productivity for so long. And in regular dosage, it’s even healthy.

But if you really want for your productivity levels to take a spike, then take go and take a literal hike.

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