Finding the Right Balance: Of Social Media, Productivity and Nature (Part 1)

With77% of the American population on at least one social media platform, will getting rid of social media usage ultimately lead to more productivity at work?
Social media has made it easy for friends, colleagues and loved ones both near and far to get in touch.
And also, for stalkers and strangers with questionable intentions to find your profile and know more about you (depending on how much you post), like when you’ll be taking your next vacation and no one’s guarding your home (Home Alone 1 and 2, anyone?).
It has also made information that would have otherwise been only known by some reach a far wider audience more easily. People don’t necessarily have to go to news sites just to get content that concerns them.
And by information, we mean all sorts: from the serious to the entertaining, from the relevant to the unnecessary, from the benign to the malicious. Which is why others have even opted out of social media totally or have joined a movement like #deletefacebook.
While getting rid of social media has shown like more time for more important things, in the context of work, will it make you a more effective employee, manager or CEO sans social media?


Observe Yourself and Be Honest
It depends on what you use it for, how long you use it, and how it affects you.
Scientific studies show that parts of the brain connected to happiness get triggered when receiving new likes from friends or followers. If you see yourself rushing at the slightest notification of your phone that it regularly disrupts your work or other day-to-day activities, then social media has gotten to your nerves, literally.
What to do? Best to time your self when you start browsing through your phone and when you actually stop. There are even mobile and desktop apps now that can help you monitor the time you spend on each app.
It is especially useful for those whose line of work happens to be along the lines of online marketing or content production and promotion as it is more challenging for them.
For these kinds of jobs, having a personal account with many friends or followers can help a lot.
But even people with such and similar jobs should know when to disconnect from the digital world.
On our next blog, we’ll discuss the proven ways on how to find the right balance between work, social media and the important role of nature.

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