Technology Hacks for Proper Small Business Management (Part 1)

Two decades ago, “hack” was a term only related with illegal and unethical computer security breaches, as well demonstrated (and perhaps also more popularized) by Sandra Bullock’s “The Net.”

But now, we see cleaning hacks, dating hacks, and even life hacks ubiquitously across social media platforms. There’s just about a hack for anything these days to make usually difficult tasks a lot easier.

Good thing the same goes for managing your small business.

A smart CRM

If your goal is to improve or see at what lengths your company can go to (which could mean additional services that you can offer for your existing and potential customers), then a CRM or Customer Relationship Management program can help you reach that with data analytics and customer behavior as bases.

This is particularly useful for businesses that aim to have a strong and lasting relationship with their clients.

CRM software can help you by eliminating all the necessary administrative tasks that come with every client by organizing, automating, and synchronizing the different aspects of each customer interaction.

The program’s main intent is to provide you with all the relevant information about your customers so you can, in turn, give them the kind of service that they’re into or looking for.

CRM can give you the power to:

  • Get notified when a possible client visits your website or opens your email.
  • Have an analysis of your target market
  • Segment your customers and assign representatives
  • Help you plan sales forecasts effectively for a more realistic plan for your current and future business scenario

Companies such as Salesforce and HubSpot provide such services to companies from the small to the multinational.

Do note that different companies may provide some or all of the services mentioned above. Of course, it depends on what your company currently needs and can afford.

Take these four companies for example who use CRM to boost their productivity and efficiency.

No phones? No problem

If somehow, your business location is good but it’s somewhere out of the reach of phone companies or you’re just simply looking for a cheaper but effective alternative, then a cloud-based phone system is just the right tool for you.

It’s especially beneficial for businesses who use computers anyway in their daily operations and has good internet connection. No phone hardware, setup, maintenance and the likes. Just VoIP technology.

With a cloud-based phone system, you can also enjoy the following:

  • Assign extensions to your workmates. This way, the client’s concerns get directly to whoever is best to address it. This means that you can also route calls at your convenience.
  • Share and download voicemails and call recordings. Since it’s cloud-based, you can easily access voicemails and call recordings with relevant and important client info right from your email.
    • Friendly note: Especially with the implementation of the GDPR, just be sure that your clients are up-to-date on their rights regarding data privacy and that they also know the extent your company’s care of the information you get from them.
  • Set the whole thing up in minutes. As we said, no hardware, fewer maintenance costs.

Some cloud-based system phone companies even offer a toll-free number, which you can use to your advantage by reaching a wider variety of people.

And by the way, according to this study, about 75% of people still find calling as the quickest way to get a response.

These two technology hacks are already powerful on their own. On our next blog post, we’ll show you how you can take them to the next level and integrate with another potent technology hack your small business can use to its success.

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