Serious Tips on How to Have Dedicated and Engaged Employees

Finding the right people to fill the different roles in a company is no joke.

Big companies can afford to have many trained HR staff members to make light of such a task. But if you’re a small business owner, it’s most likely that you’re going to have to muster enough energy, instinct and time to achieve it.

Once you do, that’s one thing. The next is of course how to get those people with different cultural, social, professional, and moral backgrounds to work as a dedicated, engaged team in your company.

Share your game plan

In any team sport, everyone has a function. And while each member has their own skillset and know-how, how well they perform is also greatly dependent on how their coach has explained to them their respective roles.

Make your employees see the big picture of how your business operates and the importance of the different aspects of it are in terms of generating profit, keeping the brand’s name intact and how their performance relates to all of that.

The more your business does good, the more stability their jobs will have and the more benefits they can have out of it in the long run.

Give credit and feedback where due

If you haven’t thanked your employees for a job well done, then you’re missing out on a big, free morale booster.

There are many studies showing that gratitude and recognizing your employees’ efforts lead to more dedication and productivity in their work.

As they say, it’s the little things. So be it a text message or email or, better yet, saying it in person (it won’t and doesn’t need to take long), saying “thank you” to your employees gives them an assurance that their efforts are recognized.

For the not-so-good performances, don’t shy in giving helpful feedback. Of course, it should be delivered well, in that, you’re actually overseeing your employees’ work in search for opportunities where you might be able to help them with what they’re struggling with.

Show them that you genuinely care about their progress and in developing their skills. Keep in mind though that not all have the same learning curve.

Make it fun

There’s nothing like coming to work with a smile in your face. Your employees should feel the same.

One way to achieve that would be by creating a work atmosphere where trust, openness and humor exist.

Let your employees feel that their voices are being heard and their opinions are valid and valued. Certainly, rules, guidelines and processes are there to keep things running smoothly. But a team working together needs more than just efficiency, but warmth.

And that warmth or feeling of contentment and happiness can be seen and felt by your customers as well.

Nobody likes going to work for a dictator with little consideration or treat their employees as machines. In any case, this kind of treatment has an effect on the kind of service that they give as well.

Finding the right employees and making them work as one is a serious task. But make them feel the pleasure of doing it, and you’ll see them become dedicated and engaged.

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