Self-Care Tips for the Wise and Driven Small Business Owner (Part 2)

It’s not wrong to be driven. But to get there, you need to be a well-oiled machine and have enough fuel.

Constantly neglecting one’s self because of work or business and defining it as working hard may be true at some point. But even the best machines (with no mental and emotional aspects of their existence) are subject to wear and tear, and therefore deserve due care.

So if you want to last for the long haul or be able to drive your business for a long time, then you have to be responsible to attend to your wellness too.

Truth is, one of the most significant investments you’ll make as a business owner is a healthy, well-rounded you. That investment includes the knowledge, experience, training, discipline you get, but without good health, all of the other areas will suffer.

Sneaking in some exercise (be it at the gym or at home) and planning your day can help a lot to destress and motivate you at the same time. And, you can do the following as well:


Schedule some me-time

While there will come a time, through consistency, when you’ll love exercising, doing something you really like can help improve your mental and emotional state too.

It doesn’t have to be big. It could be as little as reading a book, riding a bike, or even just having a pause throughout the day where you can relax or reflect.

Time away from the busyness that everyday life entails will give you a fresher take on things when you get back to them, not to mention, a renewed sense of strength and even eagerness.


Breathe out stress

There are people who have spent a lot of time designing and developing apps just to remind us to pause and breathe deeply. Simply, because it’s an effective way to regain focus and perspective, relax, and let an unwanted emotion pass away.

Scientifically speaking, your brain needs oxygen (lots of it) to function well. Pausing at intervals in work and breathing deeply, can help your brain to collect the necessary thoughts and information it has stored for the tasks at hand.

Especially if your workplace has good ventilation, then breathing deeply will do you good. And, it’s free.


Feel good with what you eat

Our diet impacts us more than we think. If you happen to feel sluggish at work all the time or even showing signs of depression, then chances are high that it’s not the weather.

Never has the words “organic”, “natural”,  and “free-range” have been more ubiquitous in stores, supermarkets and the like in human grocery shopping history. And there’s a good reason behind it: People’s knowledge about food and what good or harm it can do to their bodies.

So instead of reaching out for that candy bar, try some fruits or nuts instead. Better yet, stock your pantry and fridge with wholesome goodies or alternatives to what you’ve been accustomed to eating, and you’ll see your mood improve and your energy levels increase in no-time.

If breathing deeply helps a lot, then how much more a healthy way of eating?

Don’t just work hard. Work wisely. And you’ll be able to drive your business to success, no matter what the journey entails or how long the road ahead may be.


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