One Key Factor for Small Business Success? Self-Care

Small business owners often oversee many things to help ensure the success of their company, often at the expense of attending to themselves at times. But according to scientific study, self-care is becoming an oversight that could later get your business in bad form.


Your an asset. Take care

It’s perfectly alright that you want your business to be at its best considering all current and near-future circumstances, conditions, and events. However being its key driver, it’s only sensible that you must be well-equipped to handle all the requirements of the “job.”

Dr. Angela Martin from the University of Tasmania’s School of Management says that investing in self-care goes hand-in-hand with investing in your business:

“Just like you draw on financial capital to invest in your business, you’re also drawing on your psychological capital to keep the business running,” as mentioned in the article by

Dr. Martin is also the project manager of Business in Mind, a website that aims to help entrepreneurs with their mental health awareness and concerns.


Unbecoming a taboo issue

Throughout the years, discussing mental health in the workplace has become lesser of a taboo topic.

The more knowledge and understanding about mental health gained by a company’s management and HR professionals help them better comprehend why employees behave in a certain way and how they could address any issues. In the end, both employer and employed reap the benefits of development and growth.

Truth is, many large companies now stress work-life balance more than ever. (Perhaps, thanks in part to the millennial workforce who seek this when choosing work.) Simply because in they will gain more if they ensure that their employees are working in tip-top shape. Simply put, work a machine so hard and it could only last so long.

Long gone are the days when always being at work or always thinking of work was a full-bodied definition of dedication. It could, but workers who do this may also have an underlying problem or something that they need to be filled or developed in their lives emotionally, mentally, etc.

Earlier this year, one of the co-founders of Unlockd, Matt Beriman, stepped down as the CEO of their company to attend to his bipolarism.

It was considered as a brave and encouraging step that someone in the echelons of the company ladder addresses or gives light to mental health in the workplace and in business.

“Mental illness continues to be one of the most misunderstood and hidden epidemics of our generation,” Berriman said on his Medium post.

Just like what you do in your business, there are different areas of your person that you also need to check; see whether everything is alright or needs development. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your business.

It is never wrong to seek support should you feel that you are becoming overwhelmed by a task nor to acknowledge the reality that you need help. All people do.

That being said, on our next blog, we will be discussing some helpful self-care tips for you and your business.

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