Hiring the Right Medical Office Manager Can Save the Day

Hiring the Right Medical Office Manager

There are a lot of things that need to go smoothly in a medical office: supervising practice staff, handling patient complaints, overseeing bookkeeping, restocking the fridge. That is, apart from other little details that need attending to daily.

As an owner, you may be able to do all of these things. But if your business is to really move forward, then you know that you also need to focus on meeting investors or other people that could bring in more clients.

Enter your soon-to-be medical office manager.

As a person who can wear many hats in a day, an office manager with the right clinical and business understanding and acumen can save your office’s every operating day.

But how do you find the right candidate to hire?


What to look for

Since they need to deal with different people on a day-to-day basis, personality counts a lot. Some experienced business owners explain that sometimes, it even weighs more than experience at times.

So long as they meet the minimum requirements of being a manager, and you see traits and attitudes that showed up during the hiring process (and even through their posts and behavior on social media) that would be effective for your office, then the job may be most likely for them.

An office manager position also serves as one of a company’s key staff members. It’s not a job requirement you want to be filled again after just six months.

Thus, look for someone who aims to keep the job for long-term, or who wants to grow professionally with the company, someone who has the drive to make things better, more efficient, etc.

Just think that all of the time and effort wasted in finding the one with the right attitude and skill set only to lose them shortly afterwards. That being said, since they may also deal with handling HR staff or matters, they must also bear in mind the same.


Hiring on a budget

Apparently, there’s an advantage to hiring experienced office managers. But of course, they come with salaries and benefits too that wouldn’t be practical or possible for your business to afford now and in the near future.

So what do you do?

It really depends on your assessment of your current and near-future state of your business.

Certainly, it’s ideal to hire a full-time office manager. But depending on your business’ status, hiring a part-time manager can also work. For this, both graduate and even undergraduate students are good candidates, because being part-time, they won’t require benefits.

And if you happen to be worried about them not having any experience, as mentioned before, it’s also about personality and attitude. As Joe Mull, president of Ally Training & Development said in an article:

“I’ve known successful office managers with college degrees and without; with decades of experience and with none.”

Actually, especially in 2018, an office can have many dedicated staff, with only two of them as full-time.

For a good idea on the salary, you can also do two things:

  • Search local listings online
  • Go to PayScale.com

Of course, if your business is having rapid growth and you see it going really forward, then hiring an office manager for good is the way to go.

You can also save more by hiring a part-time office manager and your virtual assistant for arranging your schedules and making sure you stick to it, taking your calls and reminding you about them, or other organizing whatnot.

Whatever case suits your business, remember that you don’t need to attend to every routine little detail yourself. Because really, if you wish your company to grow, you need to see the bigger picture too.

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