Little Habits that Boost Creativity Big for the Small Business Entrepreneur (Part 1)

Little Habits that Boost Creativity Big for the Small Business Entrepreneur (Part 1)

They say that creativity can come from the most unexpected places. Well, while that may be true in some cases, creativity, like other traits (and habits) can be developed and reinforced over time.

“You have to know it’s a process and respect that process. But there are certainly some ways to set yourself up for success.” —Molly Reynolds, Co-Founder of The Unicorn in the Room.

But every now and then we may hit a creative block, so here are little ways for us to get around it and onwards the road of innovation.


  1. Write things down

Our brains can only take in so much. With all the traffic of information streaming across our minds, one effective way to get things in order is by writing things down.

Having a handy pen and paper to jot your ideas or even problems encountered with can prove useful. There’s even a study that shows how writing with your hand can make you smarter.

Thomas Edison was known to have consumed 3,500 notebooks before his death.

Bonus: Writing gives you a sense of achievement. In fact, there are some studies that can actually clear your mind for higher level thinking processes.


  1. Visualize perfection, realize progress

Perfection gets a bad rap at times, especially when the drive for it causes some to disregard other solid values or valid feelings along the way. But where would the world be if there weren’t people who didn’t think of the supposed impossible?

We would be left with subpar products and services that may do the job but greatly lack efficiency and convenience.

It’s not bad to have the passion for perfection. That is if you marry it with the reality of progress and that it takes some more time, thinking, and effort to become realized at times.

A good habit would be to not let go of your goals or vision, but make sure that every day, there’s progress to it and that all your efforts or decisions are aligned with it.


  1. Take a walk

Creativity can and does strike in a place outside the four corners of your office, so naturally, you have to get there first.

Taking a walk is a free way to get distracted, let things in your mind settle down or find their respective places in your subconscious. And it’s a good exercise.
It may also be a good time to spend with your family member, friend, or even pet. Just make sure that it’s not a stressful one.

Walk on the grass in the park, sit on a bench, meditate. But don’t forget your notebook and pen.

Your next company may not be the next Apple or Google that have disrupted the technological field with their products and have effected change in people’s lives across generations.

But having the consistent drive for innovation and creativity can create products or processes that may set you apart from the competition and even gain a loyal following that will last your business’ entire life and beyond.

But the creative process needs little habits to boost it big time. More on these on our next blog.

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