Small and Sensible Ideas for Businesses to Save Big on Electricity Part 2

Big savings come from small practices. This is also true when it comes to power efficiency principles that you can apply to your business’ day-to-day operations.

Last time [link to part 1], we talked about some small and sensible pairings of energy-saving ideas like how to maximize your cooling and heating equipment, or how to use (or not use) natural light to your advantage as the seasons change.

This time around, our focus will be on what you can do as an owner or manager to help motivate your staff to observe these tips and tricks at your business place or even at home. Let’s begin.


Small: Timely email reminders

If some habits die hard, some take long to mature. That’s why informational and reminders come in handy.

As with other forms of communication, KISS (Keep it simple, short) applies. Don’t forget to be genuine and warm as well. If you’re looking for examples, Ergon, an energy company in Australia, has some waiting for you here.

However it’s not just about the content, but the timing as well.

If you wish to build a habit that employees must observe during and after shift, then it’s best to send it at the start of the week, before their shift starts. As Ergon points out, you can vary your email content weekly or until you see effective results.

You can also bring it up in your regular meetings as a sort of follow up. Then, ask your staff if they have read it, have any questions about it, or even better, suggestions (this shows a sign of interest and care).

Tip: Let’s say that your emails were successfully read and your tips applied. Just don’t forget to change your tips as the seasons do (e.g. let sunshine in during winter, shut it out during summer).


Sensible: Find a champion or two

Speaking of someone who shares the same interest as you do, it’s good if you’ll see or find a champion for your energy-saving campaign.

Certainly, they will not care as much for the company as you do, but they may care enough or a lot about the environment as well to help you carry things out.

Since they would be doing extra tasks, it’s best to show them your appreciation of their efforts either with a reward or token that they may need or want.

All your staff working towards saving you money down the electric company’s pockets will save you a lot in a week, in a month, in a year anyway, so it’s best to give your staff a little something, especially your champions.


Small: Proper Orientation

It’s all about proper orientation and good communication. But we’ll discuss the former first.

Remember introducing your energy saving tips during a meeting? What better way to do so than with video?
The good news is, you don’t even have to make one. Ergon has a three-minute video detailing ways to conserve energy usage, which you may find here.

Tip: If you’re planning to hire soon, the email, the video and your champion can orient the new-hire about energy saving.


Sensible: Communication is still key

Are your employees charging their devices at work? That’s good.

Maybe not necessarily electricity consumption wise, given that their usage is within normal parameters. But it’s good because it shows generosity and consideration.

Also, in effect, you’re encouraging them to maintain a healthy sense of their work-life balance. (Granting of course that they don’t let themselves get distracted by those from doing their jobs.)

So if the management has its considerations, employees must too in using and not using office or business equipment for personal use (because they have their devices already) and for unnecessary use at that.

Tip: Charging personal devices is okay, but ask them about their chargers first.

Checking our electric consumption does mean savings for your company, no matter how small or big. More importantly, it reduces our carbon footprint in a world unlike any other we’ve ever seen, and we better believe it. Scientists have already looked millions of light years away.


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