Small and Sensible Ideas for Businesses to Save Big on Electricity Part 1

Not to start negatively, but realistically, the chances of the world finding an infinite supply of utilizable energy for everyday consumption is like finding another earth with its perfectly distant moon and sun. But there is good news for it all because we usually have enough power to go around — if we use it well.

That is why even businesses, small to multinational, must have energy-efficiency practices and equipment in place. Not to mention, employing power-friendly strategies in your business invites both ecological and economical benefits as well.

But contrary to the opinion of some, you really don’t have to spend much to save big on your business’ power consumption. So here are small and sensible pairings of ideas that can help you and your staff be wiser on electricity usage.


Small: Check your equipment’s energy-saving settings

If shutting down unused equipment isn’t yet on your SOPs to check during and after work, then it’s time to revisit your equipment’s manuals.

Chances are high that your computer and TV monitors have come with their own energy-saving features. You can adjust the settings according to their usage in your business.

For example, computer screens can be turned off after five minutes, and then hard disks can be put to sleep after 30 minutes. To be certain, check with their manuals for a proper guidance.


Sensible: Prepare for or upgrade your equipment

If you’re planning on setting up your own business or upgrading your equipment, it’s best to include in your specifications list energy star models or those certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These models do the job while being environment- and budget-friendly in the long-run, especially, if you plan to have an internet cafe or even a small office.

Also, if appropriate, why not purchase laptops instead? Apart from being handy when it comes to office arrangement (and rearrangement), a laptop consumes up to 90% less energy than a desktop computer; the same goes for inkjet printers as opposed to laser printers.


Small: Maximizing heating and air conditioning

Unless you want heating costs to fume you up and cooling expenses to bring you down throughout the year, these following tips are for you.

  • Let in solar heating – Open those curtains and let in as much sunshine as you can. Apart from the free heating, take advantage of all the skin benefits you can have by doing activities in areas where you can soak in the sun for (also free) Vitamin D.

On the other side, close curtains during the heat of the sun. If you wish to let a little sunshine in during the morning, close the curtains so the sun’s heat won’t be heating up your room giving your air conditioner a difficult time.

  • Fresh filters do wonders – Fresh filters (whether for your heat pump or air conditioner) can do wonders for saving you electricity considering that dirty ones can make your machine work harder and consuming more power. Be sure to have a regular cleaning schedule for the filters for energy saving and cleaner air.


Sensible: Inspect and install

Plainly put, different times of the year need different types of energy-saving schemes. Knowing them now can better prepare you whichever season comes.

  • Regular maintenance – Be sure to carry out regular checkups and maintenance on your air cooling and heating units, including insulation ducts and pipes for any damages.
  • Inspect existing area – Apart from seeing anew your office space or business area, look for areas where air may be unwantedly escaping or coming in.
  • Install – Locking covers on thermostats can help discourage people from touching them and changing ideal temperature settings for comfort and energy efficiency.

Saving big on electricity doesn’t need to cost you much. Just be sure to put wise practices in place and a little improvement here and there for the short and long run.

More on this on our next blog!

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