Mental Health Matters for the Business Owner and All (Part 2)

The recent news about Unlinkd’s co-founder Matt Berriman stepping down from his CEO post to take care of his mental health shed needed light on disparaging, or at best, eliminating the stigma against mental illness in the business world.

In our previous blog post, we discussed mental health matters and some good thoughts to ponder on, especially if you deal with the stresses and duties of a business owner or manager. Simply because you can. We believe you can.

In fact, one bright example we have is HLG Scans Founder Charmaine Gresham who has dealt with depression — its emotional highs and lows and all the difficulties involved with them — practically all her life.

Taking the cue from her success story, we continue to bring you more tips that we hope will be useful to you or someone you know who is overcoming odds in both their small business and busy minds.


  1. Watch what you intake

Apart from acknowledging the problem and laughing a lot, remember Norman Cousins?

He took a lot of Vitamin C. And while Cousins took massive doses of the vitamin was because his body was depleting him of it, taking it in regularly can help your health a lot.

Vitamin C is responsible or involved in so many bodily functions, from collagen formation to the absorption of iron to strengthening the immune system.

But as the word implies, supplements are not the main thing; they just help, so it’s best to watch what we intake as well. All sound and founded science say that a good physical state contributes well towards a healthy mind.

If the caffeine from the coffee we drink can affect our alertness and focus, so can other chemicals from the foods we eat. Like honey, naturally occurring sugar is good. But as is the case with the bees’ golden syrup, take too much of it and you can end up in a different scenario altogether.

In fact, scientists have found a strong link between depression and excess sugar (most notably, processed, washed sugar) in the body. It affects our state of mind as well.

So here’s and cheers to eating and drinking (lots of water) your way to wellness of your body and mind.


  1. Respect your pace

If one’s space must be respected, the same goes for one’s pace.

Valuing yourself means valuing your time, efforts, and the mistakes that no human on earth doesn’t face along the way.

Even on a literal journey, some take time to reach the finish line. So if your pace is going to be a little slower than others, so be it. What’s important is you get there.

To help you get there, as Gresham advises: “I’m slowly learning to stop and smell the roses; enjoy the moment of achievement and growth. I’m also learning that no matter how busy or driven I am, to always make time for me.”


  1. Do good, feel-good activities

At the top of our list is a generally inexpensive mood booster and overall well-being enhancer: Exercise.

Sweating your toxins out, along with other sad thoughts and whatnot, is a proven way to decrease anxiety and depression. And it’s all because when we exercise, our body produces happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin in our bloodstream.

Plus, if we exercise during the day, it helps guarantee more a good night’s sleep (another must for all), because your body is all tired. The only difference is, with regular exercise, you feel much more energized and prepped to face the next day ahead.

Then, when you get the chance, go to the beach. Scientific studies have shown that everything from the seawater to the sound of the waves to the sun exposure you get from “Vitamin Sea” all work together to make people feel happier and healthier.

Lastly, as LiveScience puts it, “There’s a new incentive to doing good things for others: It makes you happier, according to a new study.”

If you’re setting some “me time”, don’t forget to set some time for others as well. It may be for your family, your friends, or even a complete stranger.

Mental illness can be a hurdle, but let it just be that: a hurdle and not a dead end. If you see yourself needing help to get over it, that’s why we’re so many, because we cannot live alone.

Stay healthy and happy. It may not be always (who does?), but make it matter. Because you do.

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