Low-Cost Side Businesses Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads Will Love

If you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad reading this, we believe in you.

Parents are some of the best supervisors, negotiators and managers out there. They know how to handle little human beings with occasional tantrums with just the right amount of love, discipline, negotiation, and at times outwitting.

Which is why we have compiled a list of home businesses that parents at home can do to earn, all while being the awesome moms and dads that they are.

Speaking of being awesome, some of these businesses don’t even require money to start, just your skills and a little marketing. Let’s begin.


Technical skills for hire

A lot of companies now rely on outsourcing works to individuals or freelancers. These companies have time-based tasks or projects that would be more economical and practical to hire home-based workers than getting employees to do the job.

It could be anything from data entry, to researching, to writing, proofreading and other jobs that only require a person’s technical skills (and of course, a computer and good internet connection).

There are even freelance sites like Upwork or Remote, where all you need to do is register and you’ll have access to job postings online.


Online selling

If you have a lot of stuff at home, then selling them online could be the start of your online selling business.

You may have a lot of things in your garage or attic that you have never used before or are still in their boxes. In fact, you could even sell those things that you may have already used but are still in pretty good condition.

Tip: For stuff that aren’t good to sell but are still in a good condition, donate them to your nearest shelter. That way, you have more space in your house and you’ll be able to help others in need.


Teaching or instructing

Have a knack for personalized pillow covers or knitting? How about swimming or even playing chess?

Whether it’s being really good at Math or English or even with a musical instrument, you can impart your knowledge for a fee that may be lower than regular professional rates, but the effect is almost, if not, the same.

The good thing about it is, you get to practice what you have loved doing and something that you enjoy, and earn a little while doing it.

It could even be along the lines of repair services. Of course, these will be outside your homes, but if you plan your itinerary well, then you could do it after you have

Just be sure to tell your family and friends about it or post ads where your neighbors or local community can see it.


Bed and Breakfast

If you’re in a place or near a place that tourists always visit, then turning that guest room or unused shack outside your home could be a cozy, temporary lodge for them.

Of course, the best place would be like outside your home or in a secluded area so that both you and your guest could have some privacy.

Next, involve and orient the whole family first. They could even have their own duties in your business.

Just be sure to have your family’s safety in mind as well. Ask guests-to-be for necessary documents or IDs, ready emergency numbers to dial, etc.

In any case, whether it’s a skill you wish to use and re-sharpen, knowledge you want to share, or facility and things that could be used by others, you can definitely turn these into a little something that you can enjoy and earn from.

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