In Retail? Customer Service Matters Much More

A recent report from the Washington Post hinted that retail stores have to consider an online service if they wish to have their share of millennial and Gen Z chore shoppers.

“Chore shopping” is considered to be shopping that’s more of a task as everything on the list is a necessity that has to be regularly refilled or restocked — from bathroom to kitchen essentials.

Lacking the will, or perhaps, having a different sensibility towards it, millennials and Gen Z customers prefer to get their “chore” shopping done on the web and the items delivered to their homes.

Does that mean it’s the end of retail stores?

Certainly not. And while there may be a few new tricks that even small businesses can do to attract and gain the following of shoppers from every generation, one important key is pretty much the same: Consistent (even innovative) customer service.


Mind the “cherish” shoppers

One good news that came out of the survey is that there are many baby boomers that go to stores for cherish shopping.

“Cherish shoppers” are more on terms with the IRL or in real life side of shopping, which proves practical, especially considering that there are dozens of items that look alike online. But how about the fit and the feel?

These are the kind of shoppers who appreciate the fact that their local or favorite store has narrowed for them the choices based on quality or their taste.

And for you to get these shoppers always knocking on your store’s doors, creating an experience for them to cherish is an absolute must. Below are a few ways how.


Be known to assist and advise

Going to a physical store not only enables customers to try the product before buying, but it also gives them the benefit of having someone right then and there to assist and advise.

Make your staff understand that every person that comes into your store is a potential customer, and first impressions and experiences count a lot.

Hence, have your staff be well-educated about the nature of your business and the products that you sell, even going the extra mile if they should.

Millennials and Gen Zs, customer service may not have the same expectations as baby boomers when it comes to the kind of service you provide. As mentioned by Ivan Widjaya of

“The concept of chivalry is a foreign one, and they’ve learned not to expect too much, particularly with regard to value-added-service.”

Values mean more for baby boomers. Apart from being generally a nice thing to do, in this area, they really expect you to deliver.


Fulfilled staff, happier customers

Teaching your staff about putting the needs of the customer first and the importance of that also adds value to your staff’s work level and worth.

Not only will they not feel bored of their jobs because you’re constantly inspiring them by following the principles of good customer service that you apply, but they will also feel more fulfilled because they know that they can grow more in their jobs.

Working the same staff for a number years not only says much about your management and company but also does well for your store’s profits.

If your staff turnover rate is high, then you have to spend time, money, and effort again on retraining, a sight that franchise businesses are sadly familiar with.

Keep your staff fulfilled and keep your customers happy.

From the way your store and the items in it are arranged in the manner your staff treats its customers, altogether, you are creating an atmosphere to cherish. Every little part contributes to the whole.


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