Turning Chore Shoppers Into Your Core Shoppers

As not all stores are created equal, so are shoppers.

A shopper may be in your store because you happen to have the things they’re looking for, things they need for their everyday lives. That, or they may have just heard about your place and would love to feel the same good experience others had in it.

The first one are what we call chore shoppers, and the second one are cherish shoppers. But for now, we’ll stream our focus towards chore shoppers and how you can turn them into your store’s core or regular shoppers.


Chore shoppers

Different generations throughout the years have spawned shoppers with varying values and tastes.

Millennials and Gen Z shoppers who practically grew up with the internet beside them are more practical indeed when it comes to shopping, particularly, chore shopping.

As the term resonates, chore shopping can prove a task. You must shop because, otherwise, there won’t be any more tissues in the bathroom, dishwashing liquid in the kitchen, and detergent in the laundry.

These are scenarios that can sometimes contribute, in their own sneaky little ways, to arguments, so to avoid that, millennials and Gen Z shoppers prefer to just order these online.

Sometimes, the cost may be a little more, but the hassles are far less, especially since you don’t have to go to, bustle through, and fall in line in big warehouse stores.


Turning chore shoppers into your core shoppers

The thing with chore shopping is that it’s a regular thing. It’s like clockwork, so why not take advantage of that by offering smart services that can lure chore shoppers away from online stores into yours.

Here are two ideas to think about:


  • Pre-shopping – Have a list of the items that your shoppers need, and have them ready for pickup.

Chore shoppers could have a default shopping list for items that they normally use. You can just confirm weekly if they want to change or add something to it.

Also, they could place their order via phone, email or chat. It’s okay if it’s just two of these three communication avenues, so long as it’s the preferred ones by your customers and the support staff are courteous and competent.


  • Delivery – A neighborhood store that delivers? It’s an advantage to be nearby, and to deliver could be even more so.

As mentioned, millennials and Gen Z shoppers don’t mind paying a little bit extra if it has an equivalent comfort or convenience.  Just be sure to map out your deliveries’ routes to save on gas.

Don’t be afraid to offer other items as well, especially those on sale. Just don’t be pushy salesmen or hard-sellers. Remember that time is of the essence for millennials and Gen Zs.

By the way, if you will have one or both of the said services, be sure to give these social media boosts and have customers review or comment on the good service that they have. By all means, encourage them to share it to their friends and families.

Bank on these ideas and you can have your share of those online chore shoppers soon.


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