Helpful Steps to Take to Keep Your Team Learning

Helpful Steps to Take to Keep Your Team Learning

Finding good employees is one thing. Keeping them is entirely another.

Job satisfaction touches a number of key things: Financial commensuration, a healthy working atmosphere, a management that cares, and opportunities for growth.

While the first three are vastly important and their absence counts as heavy reasons why most employees leave their jobs, you can also lose your staff due to boredom from lack of learning or engagement.

On the other side, employees engaged in their work are known to perform harder and better and are easily motivated.

So here are some helpful steps to take to keep your team learning (and loving their jobs a little more at the same time).

Have junior-senior pairs

Experience is a good teacher, but having seniors on the job as mentors isn’t bad either.

The seniors will serve as guides as the juniors are hands-on doing what needs to be done but in a more efficient and most probably, more convenient way.

Just be sure though to orient them all beforehand. Seniors may observe at first, and just help the juniors at points where they are having a hard time. The juniors may be new, but they may also have their way of doing it, which may prove better at times. Respect.


Learning from each other

Along the same lines, if for example, you’re handling two teams and one has done it before, then you can arrange a little time for a huddle with both teams before the project starts.

You can discuss problems encountered and how they handled it, or better yet, how to avoid any delays and speed up dependencies for tasks and the project itself to be finished.


External training and conferences

Apart from meeting other professionals in the same field or line of work, industry events and conferences can add a lot to your team’s knowledge and self-growth.

There are seminars and conferences that have minimal fees especially group packages, and some are even free with a quick search online.

You may even find connections that may be beneficial for your business, so be sure to have your calling cards ready.


Access to online classes

Speaking of online, not all seminars are done in person. And online seminars or conferences are even cheaper since you can just pay for one and have everyone in the same room.

Also, as mentioned, there are many free seminars online by reputable institutions. There may even be discounts on coupon sites. Indeed, on the information superhighway, it’s a matter of where to look.


Performance reviews for betterment

Knowing where they are in their careers, where they’re headed and what role you can play to help them get there can all be answered by asking the right questions in performance reviews.

This is a way to keep in check where your team is, give you an idea on how they are and how they look at their jobs from time to time, and what they want out of it apart from their salaries and other benefits.


Knowing why matters

Asking questions is important. It’s a way to gauge whether your team is paying attention to their work and a sign also of concern.

So be sure to create and maintain an environment that allows your staff to ask questions about what they don’t understand at work, and even more still, encourage them to find the answers to those.

Online, there are many reputable sources of information. Plus, this also echoes back to letting them attend seminars or pieces of training outside of work to bring back what they learned and apply it.

Keeping your team thirsty for knowledge and giving them much space to grow not only helps ensure their to your company, but also the improvement of their day-to-day work. For your company’s best, make the good ones better.


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