Social Media Boost? Here Come Instagram’s Hashtags and Vine 2

Social Media Boost? Here Come Instagram’s Hashtags and Vine 2

If by some bizarre happenstance you didn’t know how powerful short videos could be to boost your brand’s social media presence, we’ve got some news for you. 


Vine 2

Vine 2, the well-loved six-second video platform will soon launch its second version according to its co-founder Dom Hoffman.

Before Twitter bought it in 2012 and ended in 2016, Vine had 200 million active users and had a whopping 12 million videos being uploaded daily.

That’s a lot, considering its users only had six seconds to say something about themselves or something their companies. Think of it as the Twitter of online video sharing sites.

In fact, even big companies like Dunkin Donuts, Sony, Disney, and Ford to name some grabbed their share of Vine’s following. And so did many small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Just remember that as with other marketing materials, think of what message you wish to get across and plan your marketing strategy from there before you hit the record button on your camera. Don’t forget to add visual cues to your videos.


Instagram’s Hashtags

People have been using hashtags on Instagram since it began. But thanks to a recent update by the social media network, anyone on it can now follow its hashtags.

But what does that mean?

Once you click a hashtag, it takes you to a page of photos and videos that used the hashtag on their post.

Suppose you often want to see updates from the said hashtag, Instagram has made it easy for you to do so. Simply click the hashtag and you’ll see a blue follow button on top of your mobile screen. Hit that and you’re good to go.

But what does that mean for your small business?

It could mean well if you know how to use hashtags with your business’ IG page.

Users following hashtags, whether they follow your Instagram account or not, now have a bigger chance of seeing your posts through a hashtag or two.

You might even have your very own hashtag that is a sort of pseudo-slogan for your brand, which you can place on all your social media accounts. Take #JustDoIt for example.


Bonus: New YouTube Community Features

As you may know, YouTube has launched a “Community” feature allowing invited creators to connect with their respective audiences in between GIFs, pictures, polls uploads.

The online video giant has been “working closely with creators to build, test and refine this product,” said the company’s Senior Product Manager Roy Livne on one of their posts.

What it means for now for small businesses is that your business’ YouTube channels’ most engaged viewers will be able to see your Community posts in their home feeds, even if they’re not subscribed to your channel.


Short videos for the long-term

It’s an understatement to say that videos and brands are a match made in social media marketing heaven.

In fact, having a viral video successfully associated with their brand is a goal of many companies today. They spend hundreds of dollars on their teams just to produce videos others will find worth viewing and sharing a thousand times over.

But you don’t have to have a production team for your brand’s videos to boost your social media presence, or possibly, even to put your company on the social media map.

Use (and maximize) the resources you have, put on your creativity hat and start the concept for your video marketing now. Be it on Instagram, Vine 2 or both.

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