Small Business Ideas You Can Start at Home This 2018

Even just thinking of where to set up shop for your very first small business can already be taxing. It would have to be the perfect location where you can afford the rent and at the same time be easily accessible to your target market. But what if you don’t have to pay any rent and you could bring your intended services to your intended market?

And so we have some small business ideas you can start at home this 2018. These suggestions, according to small-business statistics and estimates in previous years, will bode well this 2018 and in the coming years.


  1. Catering Services

Not all who need catering services are newlyweds-to-be, birthday celebrants or office party-goers.

More often than most think, many families now with both parents working throughout the day and still wish to have healthy, delicious meals at home need catering services – hot, fresh, and delivered to their doorsteps.

If you have a knack for cooking, enough equipment (or perhaps need just a few more to buy), and tried-and-tested recipes, then this may be the business you need to start.

If you have a well-equipped kitchen and a knack for planning and preparing nourishing, appealing food and can deliver it hot, this is the home-based business for you.

Definitely, you can offer different menus to cater to various palates (omnivorous, vegan, vegetarian, etc.).

Just be sure to factor in also your mode of delivery, how extensive is your delivery service, and to take care of the marketing and promotion of your brand.

Fun Fact: Another plus of this small business is that you’ll only be buying capital for the amount of food ordered, helping ensure that almost nothing goes to waste.


  1. House-Cleaning Services

If there’s a demand for fresh food, the same goes for a fresh home.

Busy families who don’t have the time to cook most probably also don’t have the time to clean their homes. Also, domestic cleaning services increase as the population ages.

If you have Monica-like (from Friends) organizing skills and is good at managing a dependable crew, then this might be the business opportunity you’re looking for.

You can impress your customers by not only cleaning their homes but also by suggesting various ways on how they can keep it that way or make their day-to-day operations as a family more convenient for each member.

Start with a small crew by all means. Find those who share the similar liking for cleaning as you do, or even greater, and at the same time, work well with others.


  1. Pet Services and Products

Pet owners who are crazy about their beloved four-legged friends will buy anything that can make the latter feel relieved, more comfortable, or healthier.

From unique and fancy collars to pet-tailored foods, there’s really a huge opening for this business line.

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), total spending on pets in the country reached over $66 billion in 2016. (Source: Petfood  The figure was $5 billion higher than the previous year, and pet products are the driving force behind it.

Imagine if you can come up with a kind of product – cosmetic, healthy, etc. – even for just one or two types of pets, then that’s a good thing to market already once tests and testimonials have been properly done and documented.

Pet services also share the same limelight. House sitting services for pets are now in high demand, especially for travelers who don’t like leaving their pets behind.

Then, there’s also dog-walking services for owners who aren’t always around to give their dogs the exercise they need and deserve.

If you can, you can also prepare pet spas alongside your pet daycare service. That way, you won’t only be watching over someone else’s dog or cat, but also pampering them too.

Of course, as with any other business – big or small – you have to consider due research, planning, testing and other things you need to ensure before venturing out.

There are many other home-based businesses out there across various fields. Just make sure that your plans have an end and let your actions begin. The year and your customers await!

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