Even More Top Tips to Own the Holidays Like a Boss

What with their homes and their business to manage extra on the holidays, the stress is real — if you let it get you.

So as promised, this is the second part of our top tips on how to own the holidays like a boss (and a really good one at that).


  1. Going the extra mile with shipping

We hope that at this point in time you have already advised your customers about any adjustments or delays in shipping times.

As you know, the holidays take freight and shipping lines to hyperdrive, which means, packages may also accidentally experience rougher times along the way because of all the rush.

Take the opportunity to go the extra mile for your customers by:

  • Advising them to add an additional layer of protection for their packages if they’re the sender)
  • Proving a guide on how to label their packages correctly to ensure delivery
  • And if your business takes care of printing mailing labels, be sure to have an extra printer and toner for backup, just in case the worst happens with your printer (of course as things do) at the time you need it most


  1. Make time for money matters

Yes, as if you don’t have enough on your plate already.  But in the spirit of this post (and the Boy Scouts of America), it’s about being prepared.

In the hustle and bustle of it all, be sure to make time to do your:

  • Year-end tax
  • Check actual expenses and income against next year’s projections to ensure the accurate estimations of tax payments
  • See which months profited the most and the least and why

The year’s end would also be a good time to do an extra inventory so you’ll know what to purchase before the year ends to offset unexpected income.

Invoices can also be delayed to push income forward into the next year.  To be certain, have a good cup of coffee and cookies with your CPA or banker to know what decisions best to make.


  1. Delegate and don’t try to make everything

You don’t have to see the trailer for a Bad Mom’s Christmas to remind you that you don’t have to do everything yourself, even if it’s not the holiday season.

You are the boss. Of course, that doesn’t mean you just push people around, but it’s because you know how to plan, compromise, delegate, consider, commit.

If you don’t really have time to make that side dish, salad, dessert or baked good for your evening feast at home, then ask someone to, or just buy something similar to it.  Your family is more understanding than you think.

Unless you haven’t been in contact with them for ages or they have successfully disconnected themselves from all forms of technology, they know you have a business and won’t mind if you weren’t able to bake the cake this year.

As with time, don’t let the holidays be your enemy. Instead, make peace with it and be the best boss and parent (on and off this season) as you can be.


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