Top Tips to Own the Holidays Like a True Boss

Tending to holiday preparations at home alone (see what we did there?) can easily leave one holi-dazed, distracted and a bit crazed – and then, there’s your business. But you’d be surprised how the right physical and mental preparations can get you and your staff through these heavily hectic days and even emerge as boss of the year. Here are a few top tips to own the holidays like a true boss. 

  1. Make sure you’re all on the same page (of the calendar)

If there are times that you all can breeze through work, this is definitely not it. And your staff needs to be clear on that.

If one of them sadly happens to be in a different time zone (or planet, hopefully not) than you are, then, by all means, bring them back home to reality immediately.

There is much to be said when it comes to teamwork and communication: Remind. Re-state. Re-emphasize. Encourage. Empower.

You never know when new customers either by curiosity (or desperation from the hustle and bustle of it all) will come barging through your doors. The kind of service that you offer them in their time of need may leave a more lasting impression for them to return or not.

That being said, to ensure you’ll have enough hands to work every time:

  1. Schedule and compromise

Your staff is also scrambling through their heads thinking how to get time to fit in all of the things they need to do to maintain a healthy work-life balance and a sane mind.

Know their schedules and make sure to give them enough time to do so, and you can even help each other out especially if you happened to live in the same neighborhood.

Offer help, devise a plan or suggest solutions with your staff on how you can help make each other’s lives easier. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it will also strengthen your relationship as a business team.

  1. Make your supplies last for the whole run

By some account you don’t have figures of last year’s performance of your store and don’t know how many supplies you need to fill in the demand, you’re doomed then base it from your latest month’s performance and anticipate from there.

Not having enough supplies is just as bad as crappy service, especially for potential customers.

Imagine this: A mother with a ton of shopping bags on her shoulders and arms went to your store because a friend told her you had the thing she was looking for, and you actually had it (imagine smug emoticon here).

The holidays don’t have to be hellidays, that would just be wrong. It just takes the right amount of purposeful and good planning on your side.

Remember, your staff is counting on you for it as well. And if you’re successful, you can count on your staff to be there when you need them most.

To help ensure you’ll have happier holidays ahead, more on this in our next post


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