Holiday Tips to Keep Sales Abuzz All Year Round


By Rigor C. Arellano

The holidays are coming! And once again, big malls will be robust with people scouring every store for the best deals, atop other sorts of things in search for gifts and whatnot.

But with all the sales tricks that superstores have up their sleeves (like strategically placing cinnamon in decor to help boost a good feeling and spending), what can small businesses like yours do to help whiff customers your way?

Concoct a promo

One would be to come up with a good sale or promo—a definite sight for sore eyes and wallets.

Not that you should have an eye-popping Black Friday kind of sale. It’s sensible for large-scale stores to do so, but not for small ones.

Instead, take a moment to think of what your store can offer. What is your bestseller? Perhaps you can pair that with a menu item that’s not doing as well; that’ll give your customers a chance to try the latter, while scoring a good deal at the same time.

Put your “always best” foot forward

Promos during the holidays are a good way to bring in potential loyal customers. So it’s a good idea to show them your “always best” foot forward.

In shorter words, make your first impression count and deliver consistent quality.

Let your new visitors feel that you’re cheerful and service-oriented not just because it’s the holidays, but that it’s a work attitude you value anytime of the year. And if you’ve trained your staff well, you should see those first-time visitors come back again soon.

Collaborate with the community

Local stores in general contribute to boosting the local economy. Thus, collaborating together for the holidays is something that can do participating businesses good in the long run.

Suppose you’re a cafe and are beside or near a shop that sells mugs or cups. You can brainstorm with the store’s owner to offer customers a discount on your coffee or on their spill-proof cups with purchases.

Apart from your stores’ promotion, you’re also sharing the importance of buying local products as opposed to always buying mass produced stuff.

Create a lasting tradition

Create a tradition that customers can look forward to every year. Tree-lighting activities are common, so why not try something worthwhile like entertaining elderlies at a facility or giving gifts to street children?

You can also opt for saving a small portion of your earnings for a local charity. Then, give the opportunity for your customers to see the positive effect of their contribution to the recipients by organizing a visit once a year.

That is a surefire way to send off good vibes to your customers that’ll last far longer than the normal holiday cheer.

And again, it’s not something that you have to do alone. In fact other stores might have been planning the same. Talk to them, and erhaps your collaboration can have a greater effect on the community.

With all this, we hope that you’ll be able to draw customers to your store in any day of the year. After all, why would they go to the trouble of going all the way to the mall (finding impossible parking space), when they have all they need at local stores that care?

Happy holidays and have a good year!

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