Doing This While Doing That: The 7 Advantages of Multitasking


By Franz Bartolome

Multitasking is a feat that millennials seem to have mastered from inception. It takes no effort at all for millennials to juggle three things at once — a capability that has been welcomed by businesses with open arms.  

Not only is effective multitasking proven to be beneficial for business growth, it also works wonders for personal development. Overall, it’s a win-win situation.

Millennial or not, here are seven reasons why you need to start doing more things at the same time.  


  1. It makes people productive


Multitasking fuels your creativity and critical thinking, resulting to productivity in the workplace. It will give you the ability to think of how to better attack a problem or an issue:

  • in the least amount of time,
  • with the least amount of effort,
  • with attentiveness and accuracy — without
  • sacrificing quality results, resulting to
  • great outcomes.

And that, my friend, is productivity defined.  

  1. It makes you more emotionally fulfilled


Studies show that people who engage in two or more activities at once may feel more emotionally satisfied once they’re done. An employee who is doing a less-than-desirable task may find it easier and faster to accomplish it when doing something more to their liking.

Say, you need to accomplish a tedious report. You may find it easier to work on the report while listening to your favorite tunes.

Once the task is done, you’ll feel an emotional boost, having finished the required work while being able to low-key rock out to Pantera or the Backstreet Boys, whichever floats your musical boat.

  1. It is a good business tool

Multitasking is an inevitable part of starting and maintaining a business.

Startups have to deal with limited personnel — and to be able to stay afloat with business demands at the early, crucial stage, their people would need to wear different hats and master many tasks. These people are therefore not just hireable, but also, instantaneously essential.  

Even those in big, established companies need to learn how to multitask. To be able to effectively handle people of various positions, they would need to have a good idea of their tasks. Learning different roles will keep them in better control of everyone and their respective work timelines.

  1. It saves you time

This is a bit of a no-brainer, for most. Doing things at the same time will definitely save you time. Instead of spending 2 hours solely answering emails, a multitasker can spend 2 hours answering emails, reviewing expense reports, calling someone to resolve an issue, and starting a business proposal draft.

Not only that, but if you work on multiple projects and you hit a temporary roadblock on one, you can put that on hold while you work on a different task. Come back to it afterwards and you’ll find that the roadblock has been removed with fresh, new insights.


  1. It makes you flexible

Because you are exposed to a variety of situations at once, you are forced to adapt quicker and react faster, making you more flexible. You are used to handling and processing new information, as opposed to your non-multitasking counterparts.

Multitasking employees tend to be more flexible with regards to coordinating and communicating with their co-workers, as well. While in the middle of doing tasks, they can accommodate their fellow employees with immediate concerns. After the discussion, they can return to their tasks without a hitch.

  1. It motivates you to do more

If you’re able to do multiple things at once and finish them all before the deadline, it will undeniably give you a sense of achievement. You’ll be on a roll — a productive one, at that, and get motivated to stay on it.

A sense of achievement is enough to boost an employee’s morale. Happy and motivated employees tend to positively affect their co-workers, and ultimately, the whole business.

  1. It helps you learn more about yourself

Whether it’s learning that you can type over 60 wpm without once looking at your keyboard, finding out that you’re gifted with problem-solving talents, or working simultaneously on two very different tasks without breaking a sweat, multitasking gives you the opportunity to learn more about what you can do.

By working on different things at once, you challenge yourself of your perception of what you can and cannot do. Not only will you get the chance to learn new things, but you may also discover skills you did not know you have — and improve them to your advantage.

When effectively mastered and applied, multitasking can be the line that separates a good employee from a great one.  

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